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From the research stage till ready to broadcast

…. has been the motto of backfocus broadcast services GmbH since its creation in 1999. A small company at the time, we supported TV broadcasters with teams, equipment and know-how. While staying true to classic news reporting, we have widened our spectrum: our own TV studio in Berlin’s trendy neighbourhood Friedrichshain, several editing suites, the latest equipment, a think tank and trusted relationships with competent partners. This makes it possible for us to supplement our traditional stable of services with new TV formats, and conceptualize image and advertising films.


backfocus broadcast services GmbH brings together organizational, technical and editorial skills under one roof. We are quick, precise and our work bears an unmistakable stamp.


In addition to BBS employees, we have an exclusive network of freelancers, who satisfy our professional standards and meet our creative requirements. Not only in Germany, but the world over.


At the end of 2007 backfocus broadcast services GmbH opened a branch office in India’s national capital region Delhi, to reach conflict-torn regions such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Iran more easily. In India we have excellent contacts to the German editor, correspondent and author Dorothea Hug. We also have an excellent network of TV crews there, who cater to European standards and are available for us round the clock.


In the current scenario, when apart from a writing pad, camera and microphone, drones are also gaining importance in a journalist’s tool kit. We are allways aware of this and offer 1st class aerial footage.